Urquizu, Urkizu

Urkizu (20400, Guipúscoa)

Urquizu, also known as Urkizu, is a rural neighborhood located in the municipality of Tolosa, in the Gipuzkoa province of the Basque Country, Spain. It offers stunning views of the Tolosa valley and is situated above the San Esteban neighborhood, approximately 10 kilometers by road. The area is composed of farmhouses, orchards, meadows, and forests, providing a picturesque setting1.

If you’re interested in visiting or learning more about Urquizu, it’s known for its natural beauty and rural charm. The neighborhood is nestled at the foot of Hernio mountain, at an altitude of 522 meters, and offers broad views of the region, including the Oria valley to the north, the town center of Tolosa and surrounding mountains to the east, and a wide view of the Aralar mountain range to the south2.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a scenic spot to enjoy nature, Urquizu is a place that captures the essence of the Basque Country’s rural landscape.